Who can Register?

Everybody can register, it does not matter whether you are a crypto trading expert or if you just started learning about the crypto market. BitKings is the place to learn and develop the necessary skills that will make you succeed in this market as well as achieving your personal objectives.


Is there any charge to register?

Not at all, you are able to register with your personal details and create your own public and private portfolios. Moreover, you can see and participate in challenges as well as engaging in our activity centre. Nevertheless, some special information will require a premium prize to be paid, thus, it will be your choice whether you would like to see that information or not.


Can I earn money in bitkings?

BitKings is an online simulated platform where users create their own public portfolios by using real market values, however, at this stage, this is fully simulated. Nevertheless, you will be able to earn money by winning our weekly, monthly or yearly challenges; where will always provide some sort of incentive (monetary and others) for you to participate. Another way to earn money is to really apply the information you get in our platform in real exchanges; however, this is at your own risk and choice.


Who designs the challenges?

Generally, our team at BitKings Headquarters will design the challenges and their principles or requirements. This principles or requirements may the time of the challenge, the value distribution, the cryptocurrencies used etc.

Nonetheless, you will also be able to design your own challenges where others will be able to participate or watch your evolution. At the moment, please follow Frank’s Legendary challenge here.

How do I learn how to invest?

One of BitKings’ main objective is to ensure knowledge on crypto is spread around so that everybody can benefit from it. Therefore, we do not only provide an activity center where you can post and share knowledge and learn from others but, also, we will shortly publish our BitKings Akademy where will provide notions on crypto currency and general trading.


Can I access to my portfolio using my phone?

Of course, we are currently striving to develop the most suitable mobile design so that you can enjoy our services in your apple or android devices. As soon as our mobile version is available, we will make an announcement in our website.


Is there any support service?

Yes, we are here to assist you 24/7. You can contact us at info@bitkings.com and we will reply as soon as possible.


How do you ensure market values are real?

Our platform has been carefully designed so that the cryptocurrency ‘values are updated regularly according to their real values showing in real exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex or Huobi.


How Do I keep my anonymity?

Even though you will have to disclose your personal data at registration time, your portfolio will be linked to the username you provide whilst your personal data will remain carefully and securely stored in our system. For more information, please visit our Terms of Use link here.