Please see below our House Rules and community guidelines

BitKings is fully committed to provide quality information and assist investors by supplying a transparent and respectful space where users can create synergies with each other. In order to protect this atmosphere and our community, we have come up with the following house rules and community guidelines every user should read before signing up.

Main house rules

  • One account per user: please do not register with different accounts as this is not equivalent to performing better in our competitions.
  • BitKings has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, hate speech, threat and personal attacks.
  • Do not post misleading information about your trading skills and/or your account.
  • Do not post or share offline personal contact information.
  • Sharing malware or referring to contents and sites containing viruses is strictly prohibited.
  • Crypto talking only! Avoid defamatory content, political discourses or unrelated areas of discussion.
  • Appropriately cite or quote the author of the content posted if it has not been written by you. Unsourced news or posts will be considered as rumours and will be analysed by our moderators.
  • English is the main language in our Activity Centre, please respect other users by making use of it.
  • Content or posts with illegal content, pornography, erotica or nudity are highly banned.
  • Do not solicit, promote or sell external products and services through our platform. Any encouragement to visit and/or use another platform will be considered so and will therefore be removed.
  • Do not ask for technical or account-related questions/issues. If you are facing any difficulties, please contact us on


Community Guidelines

  • Always respect other users even if you disagree with what they say.
  • Avoid confrontation during the competitions, let’s learn from each other.
  • Do not monopolise conversations, let others express themselves.
  • Do not make provocative comments, inciting others and engaging in insensitive conversations will damage BitKings’ atmosphere.
  • Encourage others to share opinions, new ideas and practices.
  • Do not boast your portfolio performance or ranking results, our ranking analysis will do this job.
  • Do not use offensive language.
  • Contribute to maintain a positive, healthy and unite community.