Considering our House Rules and Community Guidelines, BitKings has created a Moderators Team that will continuously ensure posts, comments, shares, and user profiles follow the stipulated norms.

Our Moderators are:

  • Ferran Casals – Telegram @Ulvur
  • Frank PM – Telegram @Frank_PM
  • Eloi Pampliega – Telegram @Pmpl27

Community Guidelines strikes will be issued by our moderators when they consider there has been a policy violation of the House Rules and Community guidelines. If a strike is issued, the user will be notified via email and will receive and explanation of what content has been removed and which norm has been violated. Please note the user has the right to appeal the strike if he/she considers it to be mistaken and our Moderators team will evaluate the appeal. To appeal a strike, please email us on

Please note that the first strike is considered as a warning, hence the user is given the chance to rectify his/her mistake and participate in our platform following the House Rules and Community Guidelines. However, bear in mind user will be only warned once. BitKings reserves the right to restrict a user’s ability to comment and post at its discretion once the user has already been notified with the first strike. In other words, users will not be able to participate as a BitKings user for one week if a second strike is issued by our Moderators Team. Once the week period has finished, full privileged will be restored although the user’s first strike will prevail in our system for 90 days.

If users get a second strike within the following 90 days period, our moderators will again restring the user access although it will be for a longer period of two weeks. After this, full privileges will again be restored although each strike will expire 90 days from the time it was issued. Please note that BitKings will permanently delete the user’s account if a third strike is issued by our moderators during the 90 days period.

BitKings is a community that acts professionally and aims to guarantee a respectful platform. Thus, we encourage users to assist us in the task of maintaining this environment by immediately reporting to us if any users are violating our House Rules or Community Guidelines. You can directly report to our moderators or contacting us on